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The social, ethical and environmental commitment of OMAL is certified according to the most important and advanced Italian and international standards. The compliance to protocols and principles of responsibility make of OMAL an excellence in matters of  brand reputation and corporate responsibility in the world of B-to-B.

The OMAL Environmental Management System certification ensures the compliance with the rules on environment protection and pollution prevention and assure the correct management of the impacts due to the activities of procurement and production up to the products disposal at the end of life.

OMAL is the world’s first valves and actuators makers Certified B Corporation®, with a incoming score of 107. The B Corp distinguishes itself in the market from all the other realities. They go beyond the objectives of profit and innovate to maximise their positive impact on their employees, the communities in which they operate, and the environment. In this way the business becomes a regenerating force for society and the planet.

The Global Compact of the United Nations is one of the most important initiatives worldwide in matters of sustainability. Officially launched in July  2000, today it counts 12,000 participants in  170 countries. Membership entails that the companies embrace, support and put into action in their strategies and the scope of their sphere of influence, a set of fundamental values identified by the so-called Ten Principles regarding human rights, work standards, the environment, and battle against corruption.  The companies furthermore assume the responsibility of sending annual reports to their stakeholders on the progress obtained in these areas.

The goal of the EcoVadis evaluation is to get a clear idea on the Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR- practices (environment, social field, ethics, supply chain) in OMAL.
This year again we have been granted  the GOLD MEDAL with a score increased from 63 to 70 / 100 including an improvement in the evaluation regarding environment,  labor and human right, ethics, sustainable procurement.
This result places OMAL among the 1% of the best worldwide suppliers for social and environmental impact.

The rating for lawfulness is a type of ethical rating intended for the Italian companies, and was created in 2012. Its aim is to promote in Italy, ethical principles in corporate conduct. The Italian Competition Authority  (AGCM) in accordance with the Ministry for Justice and Internal Affairs, deliberated the attribution of lawfulness ratings of the companies operating in the national territory with turnovers of more than 2 million EUR.  The rating attributed to the companies is carried out on the occasion of the granting of public financings to the public administrations and also during applications for bank loans.

In 2019 OMAL updated its organization Carbon Footprint in order to measure the business impact in terms of CO2 equivalent emissions (greenhouse effect gas) and to identify suitable reduction and compensation projects. This year as well  data collection and report have been verified and validated in collaboration with the certification body  DNV-GL.

In 2017 OMAL chose to supply itself with electrical energy  from renewable sources. All the products of OMAL, therefore are run by machines powered by green energy supplied to us by A2A.

OMAL compensates users for the energy they consume to view its institutional site. The CO2 emissions are compensated for with urban forestation Rete Clima® projects in the Italian territory.



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