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Concrete commitment for the community

“The Business of the Little Ones” is an educational initiative on the themes of education on sustainability and Corporate Responsibility which had involved all the directors of the OMAL operating units, in the creation of a path dedicated to the fourth and fifth year of the primary schools, to discuss about the environment, ecology and "inventions for the benefit of nature."

The path provided for lessons in the classroom, and also in artistic workshops within the company. In particular, theme work groups were formed regarding: free works, reuse of reject materials, painting and paper decor. A path was dedicated to the third year classes, lower secondary schools, to familiarise with the characteristic corporate figures and roles  (IT, COMMUNICATION, BUSINESS, TECHNICAL OFFICE).

The initiative allowed to recount "corporate work" involving the kids in understanding some roles they could play in their future careers.
The “Community Volunteers” Project is an initiative that involves all the employees of OMAL who wish to help their own territory by getting involved in person. The annual project gives the possibility to dedicate at least up to 16 working hours  – during workdays – to helping associations, public entities and NON-PROFIT agencies active in the assistance to and care of children, the elderly, and disabled people. The project is open to all the corporate departments and is in continual development, so as to accompany the needs of our territory and come to the aid, as best we can, with the needs of the agencies and the schedules of the OMAL workers.

In March 2017 the volunteers of OMAL crossed the Italian borders and involved our partners in India, with which we created video-lessons in English, and deepened cultural aspects like food and the festivities, among the primary school classes of  Rodengo Saiano and the primary school of  Chennai (India).
The “Corporate Art” project used the language of art to convey some themes on corporate changes which the market and technology ask us to face. Through street painting and theatre, the company represented some concepts that characterise the near future of OMAL.

Team work, market globalisation, food safety and intergenerational responsibility were only some of the trends that remained in the form of murals. The realisation of the works, some in the new production site, and others in the original site, were later completed with a   workshop in which the employees participated in the construction of a painting in street-art style.
We started the year with various initiatives linked to the "Community Volunteering" project, among which were the match between the boys of the  ICARO BASKET team and the third year classes of the  Istituto Comprensivo “Ai Caduti” of Rodengo Saiano and the new partnership with the Civil Protection of Villa Carcina.

In the future it will always be increasingly important to reinforce in a constructive way, the relationships with the company's territory of origin, imagining the possibility of instituting a local mode of corporate responsibility that can aggregate also other companies of other sectors, breaking the limit of project autonomy in the field of sustainability.