Great results were achieved by OMAL of Brescia, which on 19 May, 2016 at the Unicredit Pavillion of Milan was awarded the first prize in the category of “Ethical and Sustainable Acquisitions" of the Procurement Awards 2016 with the “GREEN-in” project. The competition selected the best practices pursued by their Buying Offices, subdivided into four categories: Best Negotiation practice, Innovation, Team Buying Process, and lastly, Ethics and Sustainability..

In a market like that of industrial automation, where the suppliers are all highly globalized and the companies orient themselves constantly towards the provision of resources in developing countries, the challenge won by OMAL was that of repeating the values that distinguish it – respect, passion and sense of duty – in the emerging markets, adopting logics of Social Innovation that have strengthened its global vision. .

For the “Ethics and Sustainability” category, OMAL presented a project implemented in China, starting from 2013 aimed at improving the quality of business relationships with a local cast iron supplier, which for three years was supported by the technicians of OMAL in order to improve his product quality and process performance, first of all by training him on the more ecological production methods and in more effective negotiation procedures.

The jury awarded “the courage to train a foreign supplier, overcoming the classical buyer’s logic “ - exclusively aimed at lowering prices - and for “implementing an upgrading programme of the industrial processes with evident and proven social and environmental impacts.

The GREEN-in project falls under the Social Innovation strategy, “Walk the Talk” which OMAL has just started to integrate in all its operating units: a long and excellent path for a company that promises and maintains it motto, “Empowered Performance.” *At the margin is the picture of the three finalists.