OMAL and ACTUATECH, united in the struggle against COVID-19, coordinated with CDS Srl to conduct serological tests for all employees.

About 190 rapid IgG / IgM tests (so-called "lancing test") have been performed by CDS Srl , Brescia occupational medicine excellence company: results could be read after 10 minutes and immediately followed by blood sampling  for Quantitative Serological Test in case of positive examination.

These ttests are just a last evidence of the multiple actions in the implemented  OMAL and ACTUATECH health emergency management: 4000 surgical masks had already been provided to the employees in February; followed by gloves and hand sanitizer for all workstations in March; systematic sanitization of the premises has been intensified in April and finally a facial recognition equipment measuring body temperature has been installed in May.

These actions are an important sign of the will to protect common health, starting from workers and their families: OMAL and ACTUATECH want to rebuild together a new path that will slowly and respectfully lead us back to our daily life.
OMAL and ACTUATECH highly value their social role as an active part of the community and believe that responsibility and respect towards workers and the community itself  always need to be supported by facts and not just words.

Press Release OMAL-ACTUATECH - Serological Tests for all employees.pdf