It is already known that the region where OMAL is located in Italy is one of the areas most affected by the virus. For this reason in order to give a real and active contribution in the limitation of the virus spread, OMAL willingly decided to stop production activities in the second week of March, before the official  Government Decree lockdown introduction.
All our  customers worldwide have been  immediately informed and all of them showed great understanding and positive feeling with this decision.
During the  shutdown of course a communication line with the whole company network has been guaranteed: OMAL employees kept contact with customers, suppliers, distributors and agents via smart working.
After a  few weeks of shutdown, OMAL was asked to give its contribution in the virus fight, not only with responsible behavior but with its products as well. How could we say no?
After reviewing all safety measures and implementing everything necessary in order to protect employees' health, OMAL fighters have come back to the frontline armed with masks, disinfection liquids and a great desire to start again in a responsible way. Keeping safety distances among all operators, the production processes have been relaunched and the first valves and actuators were quickly ready to fulfil urgent requests for essential sectors (for example water processing and water treatment).  OMAL was motivated even more when we received an unexpected request from one of our customers: thousands of VIP valves were needed  for the construction of hundreds of oxygen generators and lung ventilation systems intended to be used in hospitals to help  coronavirus patients fighting the disease. Additional requests for same application  came from other famous companies that converted oxygen generators normally used for industrial purposes to medical devices. For this reason all OMAL Departments, starting from Purchasing, Logistics, to Production and Assembly have been involved in order to speed up the delivery of these products and we are still producing them. Because we are always ready to fight and determined  to win.