40 years for OMAL and 20 years for ACTUATECH: the two Italian companies led by the Bonomi family celebrate the successes of the past and look to the future

Brescia, 12/02/21 - “2021 is for us synonymous with great objectives, because we are celebrating 40 years of OMAL and 20 years of ACTUATECH. They have been decades full of difficult challenges, but also full of successes and important goals achieved. We have continued to look forward with courage and perseverance, being guided by the values we have always believed in: the passion for our work and for our products; respect for ourselves, our collaborators, our partners, for the area and the environment that surround us; and the sense of duty that embodies the personality and mentality of our companies. The solidity of our group, despite the crises of past and recent years, has guaranteed work for employees and collaborators; the attention to innovation and continuous investments in this direction have made our products increasingly controlled, safe and responsive to a constantly evolving market. Being able to guarantee the entire production process internally has given us that added value which has translated into products with attention to the smallest detail, from the technical study to the design. All this with a global and international outlook, combined with a deep attention to the area in which we operate and the environment that surrounds us".

With these words Amedeo Bonomi, CEO of OMAL S.p.A. – company specialized in the production of industrial valves - and ACTUATECH S.p.A. - manufacturer of pneumatic actuators for the movement of valves - wants to celebrate the important milestone reached by the two companies, founded respectively in 1981 and 2001.

Both originated in the productive land of Val Trompia -in Italy- and led by the historic entrepreneurial family Bonomi, OMAL and ACTUATECH have been able, over time, to grow and consolidate, investing in research and innovation. And today, with almost 200 employees in the four production sites, all located in the province of Brescia, in Italy (two in Franciacorta -Rodengo and Passirano- and two in Val Trompia -Villa Carcina and Sarezzo-), a consolidated and local network of suppliers, and a dynamic and attentive management, celebrate decades of experience and professionalism with an eye to the future.

Indeed, 40 years have passed since the extraordinary intuition of Agostino Bonomi (father of the current CEO) created a company for processing and manufacturing industrial valves and actuators that would make automation and product customization its distinctive character. A visionary and counter-current choice that was successful allowing OMAL, today a real international reality that has recently opened a new branch in the USA, to establish itself as a leader in the production of industrial valves for the most diverse sectors: from oil & gas , passing through the food, chemical and pharmaceutical, power & energy, up to the naval sector. Growth and positioning as an international player were also the goals achieved over 20 years by ACTUATECH, specialized in the production of pneumatic actuators for the most varied sectors, through investments in the research and development sector for the improvement of materials, production methods and control, production versatility and a flexible approach capable of responding to the needs of international markets.

The group has its foundations on solid pillars that have allowed OMAL and ACTUATECH to become, in recent years, a point of reference in the sector, not only from a production point of view, but also from an ethical and social point of view. Company solidity, internal management of the entire production process, attention to detail and attention to product design, investments in automation and digitalization, reliability, turnkey solutions, a global business network, support for the territory in which they operate, and a production production in the spirit of environmental protection and with a look to new generations: these are the key factors for the growth and success of the two companies.

"We are aware - explains Bonomi - that it is our responsibility to produce in a sustainable way and be at the forefront in addressing the urgent challenges of progress. This is why we continue to be committed to the products and services we create, with the means and resources we employ and through the values we represent ”.

A sustainability that OMAL, BCorp certified since 2017, and ACTUATECH pursue in all spheres: economic, social and environmental, building their own goals and measuring their performance in compliance with the principles of the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

"We aim to improve life through innovation, improving the performance and energy consumption of our products to do our part in shaping a more sustainable energy future. We work towards safeguarding and protecting the environment by optimizing the CO2 emissions of our organization and creating a sustainable supply chain, starting with the selection of our suppliers, up to the involvement in projects to optimize the resources used and circular economy. Furthermore - adds the Group CEO- in the name of safety and responsibility, we respect the regulations and people; we want to manage a safe, responsible and profitable business, guaranteeing everyone equal prospects, job and career opportunities, recognizing merits and skills. As we have been doing for years, we will continue to commit ourselves with passion so that our business creates value for our stakeholders, encouraging the growth of our employees and generating positive effects for the community around us ".

Despite their international scope, the two companies are in fact strongly rooted in the social and economic fabric of the province of Brescia, in Italy: important real estate investments, combined with the many philanthropic initiatives and sponsorships of local sports clubs, have placed OMAL and ACTUATECH at the forefront of supporting the area within the province of Brescia, in particular, in the areas of Franciacorta and Val Trompia, where the factories are based.

"We believe - concludes Bonomi - that the true value of a company is the reputation it has been able to build over the years thanks to daily work, the relationships it has been able to create and the ability to meet the expectations of its stakeholders. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we will continue to pursue the new goals we have set ourselves with passion, respect and a sense of duty".

Amedeo Bonomi

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