OMAL was invited by the Passirano middle schools to take part in the "Impresa aperta" initiative with the students of the third year of secondary school, an orientation project involving meetings with companies to help the #students choose which high school to enrol in next year.

Thomas Buizza (Operation Manager) and Mattia Bocchi (Communication Manager) met with the third-year students to illustrate the OMAL company and tell them about their professional #experience, as well as explaining to the students what professional figures are most in demand at OMAL, both in terms of soft skills: behaviour, attitude and respect for values; and in terms of hard skills.

We hope that the meetings have been interesting and stimulating for the students, and that they have helped them to have a clearer idea of how they imagine themselves in a professional future, in order to be able to choose the right high school for each of them, their inclinations and passions.