OMAL has achieved another important result in the field of innovation and sustainability by becoming a Società Benefit.

What does it mean to be a Società Benefit?
A Società Benefit is a company that, in the exercise of its business, along with its economic development, pursues one or more purposes of collective benefit and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories, environments, cultural and social assets and practices, agencies, organizations and other stakeholders.

What prompted OMAL to seek this important recognition?
The company's mission has always been clear: to guarantee a better world for our children by producing safe and reliable products that protect the environment and improve people's quality of life. To this end, becoming a Società Benefit represents a new guarantee of reliability and is the fulfillment of an ambitious and important project that lies at the heart of our corporate vision: that of seeking the right balance between human beings and the environment, improving quality of life and ensuring a better world for future generations.

What does this mean for OMAL?
In the area of production, the company will continue to invest in the innovation of products and business processes with a view to sustainability and, internally, it will continue to support employee training and their subsequent professional development, encouraging socialization and dialogue within the community through the support of social and cultural events, communal activities and sports.

What changes will there be in terms of relationships inside and outside the organization?
Employees, suppliers, customers, the local community and other stakeholders in general will find in OMAL a partner with whom they can develop a sustainable business model that allows everyone to satisfy their individual requirements, without prejudice to others, and where trust and doing things together will be a priority.

What were the steps taken that led to this recognition?
Becoming a Società Benefit is the culmination of a trajectory that we embarked on in 2015 and turned into a reality in the following years by joining the United Nations Global Compact. In 2017, we became a B Corporation®, sharing our sensitivity towards key issues such as protecting the environment, human rights, labour rights and transparency with more than 4,000 companies around the world
Since then, we have continued to develop and consolidate our organization and have conducted our operations with these themes in mind, using innovation as the driver. To reinforce the strength and universality of our commitment, in 2018 we also became a founding member of the Global Compact Network Italy.
Being a Società Benefit today marks the completion of an ambitious project that is at the heart of our corporate vision.

Being a Società Benefit allows OMAL, and its employees, to be part of a network of companies which is pioneering a change in the very concept of business, restoring value to humanity and the environment by developing markets and exhibiting those set to be the best and most profitable companies of the future.

Download the Press Release, "OMAL becomes Società Benefit"