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The force of our products, their industrial application

OMAL supplies excellent products for industrial applications such as the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries,  power and energy, naval and many others.

 Food industry

The food industry deals with raw materials, often derived from agriculture, that are transformed into consumption products in oil plants, chocolate factories and processing plants under controlled atmosphere.


The automotive sector is a highly competitive one, due to the high levels of studies on innovative solutions that allow performance to be reached, with limited consumptions and emissions, and because of this, is subject to continual changes.

 Cement factories / Mining

The cement and mining works are a niche sector, and OMAL guarantees efficiency and safety thanks to the production of products for safe zones, for example in the external areas of mines Ex II 2 GD.

  CNG, LPG, Methane

Security in these CNG, LPG Methane areas is the key factor. Hercules, Magnum Wafer and Thor valve Trunnion Supreme are produced to endure and are highly reliable.


The pneumatic actuators and valves of OMAL can be adapted to the many applications of the processing industry, from vapour applications, technical gas generators, ceramics and glass production, textile and various other types of plants.

 Ink & Paint

The application field of the industrial production of ink and paint uses chemical components and requires highly reliable and safe materials for the control of fluids .

 Naval / Shipping

Resistance to environmental corrosion and the compact design are the strengths of the OMAL offer for the Naval and Off-Shore sectors.

 Power & Energy

In the turbine, generator and cooling tower applications, OMAL offers the ball valves OMAL MAGNUM (wafer and split wafer) and THOR (split body).

 PULP & PAPER Generators, Turbines

The cellulose and paper industry comprise companies that use wood as the raw material and produce wood paste, paper and cardboard and other cellulose-based products. The MAGNUM wafer and split wafer and THOR valves are used in this sector.

 Water processing

The OMAL butterfly valves can be equipped to respond to the demands of the processing sector, desalination and movement of waters.

  Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

For applications in the OIL&GAS sectors, petrochemicals, refineries and lubricants, there are the ball valves FLOATING THOR and TRUNNION SUPREME, which are PED, ATEX, API6D, TA LUFT FUGITIVE EMISSION, FIRE SAFE ISO 10497 and SIL3 certified.

 Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors have important implications for the type of raw material that deal in particular, with the issue of health and the environment, this is why OMAL designed and offers special valves like the Prochemie ball valves.